Vote Yes on Measure Y

Measure Y is needed to address the growing housing crisis in Oakland and prevent more homelessness and tenant displacement.

Measure Y will expand eviction protections to protect all renters (whose homes are built before 1996) from displacement regardless of the size of the building they live in.

Measure Y will close a “loophole” in the current “Just Cause” ordinance that is being abused by speculators and bad-acting landlords. This abuse has led to the displacement of many long-term tenants, in particular low-income families, mothers and children,  immigrant families, and historic Black residents.

The “Loophole” 

Currently, tenants living in duplexes or triplexes with their landlord do not have “Just Cause” eviction protections and can be evicted without reason. Tenants living in all other sized buildings (buildings with 4 or more units) built before 1996 do have eviction protections.

Measure Y will extend “Just Cause” to 8,000 Oakland tenants living in duplexes and triplexes, preventing further risk of their displacement.

What Measure Y Does Not Do

Measure Y does not strip landlords of their rights to evict tenants with a “Just Cause” reason.

Measure Y does not stop landlords from living in their properties.

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Who We Are

Protect Oakland Renters (POR) is a group of grassroots organizations and tenant advocates who want dignified, safe and truly affordable homes for Oakland residents. We campaigned to pass Measure JJ in November 2016 to expand eviction and rent control protections to tenants in Oakland.

Through grassroots organizing, we were a part of the fight for Measure Y to be placed on the November ballot. In July 2018, by unanimous vote of City Council, Measure Y was placed on the ballot. Measure Y is a straightforward revision of the ”Just Cause” for eviction ordinance.

Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)

Causa Justa :: Just Cause

Centro Legal de La Raza

Oakland Tenants Union

East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC)

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Why Measure Y is Important

Many bad-acting landlords are taking advantage of “owner move-ins” and evicting tenants in duplex and triplex buildings so they can raise the rent to levels unaffordable  for low-income residents.

Our teachers, nurses, low wage workers, even city workers, can no longer afford to buy or rent a home in our City. Someone earning the minimum wage would have to work 163 hours a week to afford housing in Oakland. There is not enough relief nor political will from elected representatives to protect vulnerable tenants from displacement.

We are losing Oakland’s historic Black population and at threat of losing our long-time low and fixed-income residents due to the displacement that comes with gentrification. Oakland rents are the 4th highest in the country, and too many low-income residents who have lived and worked in our city for all their life or decades can’t afford to stay here anymore.

Oakland voters to have the chance to vote on these important issues in this November’s Election! Keep ALL of Oakland housed and VOTE YES on MEASURE Y!


Vote Yes on Measure Y is endorsed by the following individuals, groups, and organizations:

Alameda Democratic Central committee
Alameda Labor Council
Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE)
Asian Pacific Environmental Network
Assemblymember Rob Bonta
Block By Block Organizing Network
California Nurses Association
Cat Brooks
Causa Justa :: Just Cause
Centro Legal de La Raza
Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ)
Congress of Neighborhood
Congresswoman Barbara Lee
Democratic Socialists of America
East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy
East Bay Asian Local Development Corp
East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC)
East Bay Housing Organization
Green Party
Jovanka Beckles
Mayor Libby Schaaf
Nikki Fortunato Bas
Oakland City Council (unanimous vote to place on Oakland’s ballot)
Oakland Community Organizations (OCO)
Oakland Rising
Oakland Tenants Union
Our Revolution East Bay
Planning Commissioner Chair Jahmese Myres                           Property Owners for Fair & Affordable Housing                            SEUI 1021
Sierra Club
UAW Local 2865
UC Students Workers Union
Wellstone Democratic Club